Chris Martin & Jonny Buckland of Coldplay Discuss Creating ‘Mylo Xyloto’ [AUDIO]

October 19, 2011 8:12 am

Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland of supergroup Coldplay called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to discuss their new record Mylo Xyloto, due out October 24, which Chris calls “The prostitute of album titles.”

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How hard was it working on their follow up to smash ‘Viva la Vida?’ Chris reveals, “It was the same as other ones. We write an awful lot of music, and hope at the end of it theres something available to be released.” Jonny added, “We probably recorded about 200, or at least started. We have to have alot of ideas to get some that we all like.”

Chris recalls hearing Adele‘s ‘Someone Like You‘ for the first time saying, “I had that double feeling that I get which is ‘Wow that’s amazing,’ and then ‘It makes me so angry because I didn’t think of it.’ But its so good that your really enjoying it at the same time.”

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Newly released “Princess of China” features superstar Rihanna which Chris “thought would be great to ask Rihanna to sing. Of course, being English, it took us about a year to not be too ‘Hugh Grant-ish’ and embarrassed to ask! We were at a New Years concert in Las Vegas with Jay-Z and she was there. We just got done playing so I had that tiny bit of confidence you get after a concert, and I managed to stammer it out, ‘Would you maybe…perhaps…consider singing… It was very 7th grade-y, but she was very kind, and sang on it. Its the best bit of singing on any of our albums ever!”

Chris recalls, “two years ago Bruce Springsteen was playing in LA, and his concert was so brilliant. So I thought ‘I’ve got to go home and write because we need to get better. So we can get to that level, and everybody in my house was asleep. The only place in my whole house that was available was this dollhouse in the garden. So I wrote some songs in it.”

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Does Coldplay have any notions for a world tour? “We’ll wait and see. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. We’ll see if anybody likes it, and then we’ll see if anyone might want to see us play it.”

Jonny remarks on the bands popularity saying, “It doesn’t seen a minute since we were writing songs in my bedroom.” Chris disagrees saying, “I know but I never thought that I would be old enough to be Justin Bieber’s dad! So things are moving fast and slow at the same time. I still feel like we are a young band trying to prove ourselves.”

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