Selena Gomez On Rapping In The EMA Promo [AUDIO]

October 19, 2011 12:01 am

Move over Kayne West, and make way for MC Selena Gomez! If you haven’t heard Selena is hosting this years EMA‘s.

Selena Gomez Joined By Justin Bieber For ‘Who Says’ In Brazil [VIDEO]

The Eurpoean version of the MTV’s VMA’s is airing a promo in which a gangsta version of Selena pops out of her mirror and starts rapping. We didn’t really see that one coming so what possessed her to spit a verse?

Selena decided to give it a whirl because she thought it was different, and even she could see the humor in a Disney princess rocking the mic.

Selena Gomez Thinks Boyfriend Justin Bieber Is ‘Over-Spoiling’ Her [AUDIO]

Next thing you’re gonna tell me is Soulja Boy and Winnie the Pooh are releasing a mix tape together!