Harvey Levin Believes ‘Lindsay Lohan Could Get Significant Jail Time’ [AUDIO]

October 20, 2011 8:09 am

Harvey Levin called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to give his opinion on when the irritated judge began to lose her patience, and more importantly how long Lindsay Lohan could face in jail.

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Harvey boasts of TMZ‘s ability to foresee news saying, “We knew last Thursday that she [Lindsay] was booted from this community service program she was suppose to go to. We knew that she didn’t show up 9 times. We also knew that there were real questions about whether she saw her shrink the way she was suppose to. We also knew that for some strange reason the probation department was doing somersaults to defend Lindsay Lohan.”

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Harvey was able to summarize the proceedings saying, “Here’s the bottom line Lindsay Lohan had her probation revoked. She had to post bail because it was revoked, and now she out on a $100,000 bail. That doesn’t mean that she goes to jail automatically for the violation of the parole. The judge is going to hold a hearing on November 2. During that hearing the judge will hear from the probation officer, Lindsay’s lawyer, other people, and then the judge will have to decide what’s the appropriate punishment.

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However how long will Lindsay be in jail for? Harvey hypothesizes that “the Judge could have thrown her in jail, based on MY computation, for as much as a year and a half. Now a year and a half, right now, in county jail translates to 20%. I think Lindsay could get significant jail time. I think the big turning point was when the judge read in the probation report that Lindsay didn’t want to work in the Women’s Center didn’t feel ‘fulfilled’ she like a spoiled brat.”

Knowing Harvey’s ability to not only report the news, but predict its possible outcome we can reasonably expect some jail time for the troubled actress.