Lauren Alaina Discusses Success of Freshmen Album ‘Wildflower’ [AUDIO]

October 25, 2011 7:15 am

Lauren Alaina called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Tuesday to talk about her life since ‘American Idol,’ and discuss her hit single Georgia Peaches from her newly released and critically acclaimed freshmen album Wildflower which has entered the Billboards Hot 200 within the top 5.

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“My first single was ‘Like My Mother Does,’ and it’s a softer side of me. ‘Georgia Peaches‘ is kind of the opposite. It’s my spit-fire attitude that everybody saw on ‘American Idol,’ and it really shows off my personality. Also the girl that wrote the song is Mallory Hope, and she is from a town called Tunnel Hill which is about 20 minutes from where I lived. So I guess, we have the same mindset because we live so close to each other.”

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Lauren has also worked with fellow ‘Idol’ alum Carrie Underwood. Lauren says, “Carrie wrote ‘18 Inches‘ which is a really beautiful song about these two teens that fall in love, run away, and they start a family. Everything that would never happen to me! I ran away, and got a ‘job.'”

She continues, “Everything that I’ve always dreamed of keeps being put in front of me. I’m so blessed. Ever since I was six years old I was telling people that I was going to win ‘American Idol,’ and I came really close. I’m the luckiest 16 year old girl in the world!”

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The country crooner reflects on how life has changed since, “Before ‘American Idol’ all I had to worry about was which boy I thought was cute for the week, and now I have to worry about which song is going to be next single for the next few months. I’ve kind of had to grow up. I can’t think of things like a child anymore. I have to be mature, and make good decisions. However when I go home I act like a kid again.”

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Lauren still faces the troubles of an average teenager, especially when it comes to dates. “When prom comes around if somebody asks me I’ll get to go. I’ve already had a few prom invitations, but I turned them down.” When asked if she’s waiting for ‘a better offer’ Lauren says, “You know, I gotta keep my options open!”

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