Kristin Cavallari Discusses Her ‘DWTS’ Experience [AUDIO]

October 26, 2011 8:35 am

Kristin Cavallari called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Wednesday to discuss her recent elimination from “Dancing with the Stars,” and her relationship with her mother.

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Although the fan favorite “was a little bit surprised” being voted off “Dancing with the Stars” Kristin weighs in on Maksim‘s defense of his partner, Hope Solo, against Len saying, “I really think that any little thing can affect your vote at this point. So you just have to be really careful. BUT at the same time its kinda sweet that he has her back, and he’s sticking up for her.”

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Recently, Kristin tweeted about a five hour car ride to a cousins wedding with her mother that “went well.” Kristin confesses, “I can tell my mother everything. There’s never an awkward pause with my mom.” When asked if the topic drifted to men, and in particular to if she misses ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner she says, “No, God No! That didn’t come out of my mouth!”

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On November 9th Kristin Cavallari will also be attending the “Pick Your Purse Party,” and hosting the “Shoe Fashion Show” later that evening at the ‘W Hotel’ with Paul McDonald as musical guest. Kristin says, “I’m doing online fashion blogging for Chinese Laundry, and talking about the latest shoe trends. I’ve also been picking my Fall favorites.”

Kristin Cavallari Will ‘Never Say Never’ To ‘The Hills’ Movie [AUDIO]

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