YouTube Sensation Marquese Scott Dubsteps To Christina Aguilera And T.I. [VIDEO]

October 26, 2011 9:36 am

Christina Aguilera and T.I. joined forcers when they recorded the song, “Castle Walls.” The song is from the rappers album, “No Mercy.” But one creative YouTuber took the song and completely made it his own through his dancing skills.

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Marquese Scott does a slow, robotic dance to the dubstep remix of the song. The YouTube star shows off his robot-style moves throughout the whole song, but at the end, does a fantastic job of being completely still until he completes the dance. When he is done, he smiles and walks with “swag” to the camera.

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His moves might not exactly be like Jagger’s, but we still think Christina would approve of this video. What do you think of the remix and the dance to the “Castle Walls.” To watch the rest of Marquese’s video, check out his YouTube page here!