Watch Out For 9 Creepy Blood Sucking Animals [PHOTOS]

October 29, 2011 10:07 am

Moths in Siberia must be excited for ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ to premiere in November since they’ve been sucking the blood of humans. Scientists discovered that the Russian moths will drink human blood if it’s offered to them for up to 20 minutes at a time.

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The moths use their hook and barb mouths to get under the skin. The moths may be attracted to the blood because of the salt in it. They may pass it on to their female partners during copulation.

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But moths aren’t the only animals that have become vampires. Here are 9 other creatures that enjoy sucking human blood.

1. Vampire Bats

Of the 1,000 types of bats only one enjoys human blood. The vampire bat also feeds on cattle and livestock. Four children in Peru died this year from a rabies outbreak from the bite of the vampire bat.

2. Candiru

This is one of the most terrifying vampire animals. If you ever venture into the Amazon or Orinoco rivers remember not to urinate because this blood sucking animal may swim into your urethra. The horrific act happened to a man in Brazil in 1997 and surgeon’s had to remove the 6-inch vampire from his genitals. Luckily, he survived and made a full recovery.

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3. Kissing Bug

Similar to bedbugs, the ‘kissing bug’ attacks humans while they sleep. Yet these creatures like to drink blood from a human’s face. The bug’s bite can cause Chagas disease which is prevalent in South America. The bite can also cause trouble breathing, seizures and swollen eyes. Yuck!

4. Vampire Finch

These birds are found only on the Galapagos Islands and peck at larger birds to suck their blood. They like to keep wounds open for a long time to keep themselves satisfied. They do it gently, if that’s possible, so that their host won’t fly away or fight back.

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5. Leeches

Most leeches don’t suck human blood but when they do they use a combination of mucus and suction to reach the blood stream. They keep sucking until they’ve grown to full size. Then they fall off to digest their meal.

6. Lamprey Eels

These ancient animals have no jaws or scales and takes up to seven years to reach adulthood. Once they’re fully grown they go into attack mode and ruthlessly suck the blood of their host with their sharp teeth as they swim down stream. Luckily, they only attack humans when starved but they’re so sneaky that rarely happens!

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7. Female Mosquitoes

Female mosquitoes are behind more human deaths than any other animals. The diseases they carry can be fatal. They can kill their prey with illnesses like malaria, yellow fever and West Nile virus. Mosquito related deaths are expected to rise as rainfall and temperatures increase all over the world.

8. Ticks

Ticks can drink enough blood to be 600 times their normal weight. The bite itself won’t hurt you but it could turn into Lyme disease so be careful if one of these little vampires gets you!

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9. Bedbugs

Bedbugs are scary little vampires because they creep out of your mattress at night to get your blood. Females can lay up to five eggs daily and roughly 500 in her lifetime so attacks can spread quickly. They don’t carry diseases but can leave nasty sores on your skin.

Watch out for these creepy crawlies or get in the Halloween spirit and dress up as a bloodsucker!

VIA Buzzfeed