Meet The YouTube Sisters Behind The Viral Lady Gaga Video ‘Gagaween’ [VIDEO]

October 31, 2011 12:38 pm

Lady Gaga‘s Little Monsters will go to extreme lengths to get noticed by the superstar herself and YouTube stars The Hillywood Show are no different. Meet Hannah and Hilly Hindi who are ditching Halloween this year for Gagaween.

With a budget of roughly $3,000 and 3 weeks to work, the Hindi sisters created a tribute to Gaga that is so epic Mother Monster praised the video on Twitter.

@LadyGaga tweeted:

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For Hannah and Hilly the shout out was a dream come true.

“I freaked out. I started screaming for my sister because she’s my other half and of course I have to tell my other half but she was at the gym. So, I picked up the phone and called my mom and burst into tears because I was so excited. It was a dream for me. I had no idea that morning while munching my cereal Lady Gaga would tweet it,” Hannah recalled.

“Just seeing her tweet it was like my day is complete, my year is great,” Hilly echoed.

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The video features Hilly as a Gaga look-a-like so convincing it’s easy to think it’s Mother Monster herself! In the video we see several of Gaga’s infamous looks. For example, her all American two piece look from ‘Telephone’, Jo Calderone, and skeleton Gaga from ‘Born This Way.’ The Gaga impersonator even crawls along the sidewalk in a full mermaid get up. Bloody Gaga emerges from under a bed and chops up Kermit the Frog stuffed animals to fashion a dress as well.

The sisters hoped for at least 100,000 views for Gagaween and are now at almost 900,000 views.

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But this isn’t the first brush with fame Hannah, 24, and Hilly, 20, have had. The creative sisters are best known for their Twilight parodies that have reached over 5 million hits on YouTube. The two started making videos in 2006 when AOL put out a contest asking teens to create a parody video. The sisters were third out of thousands of entries. Fans loved their impersonations so the girls decided to create The Hillywood Show.

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The sisters ultimately dream of getting their own television show that would resemble Saturday Night Live for teens.

“Our future goal is definitely to get The Hillywood show picked up by a network. We think it would be great for young adults. It would be great to have an SNL variety show for teens and on pop culture. That’s our ultimate goal,” the girls said.

The Las Vegas natives currently work as dance instructors and impressively create every aspect of their elaborate videos. The videos are solely funded by them and can cost as much as $10,000 to make. From the costumes to makeup to cinematography every detail is a collaborate effort between Hilly and Hannah.

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“The thing about The Hillywood Show that’s so different from any other parody show is that we really try to replicate everything from head to toe. That’s what sets us apart. We don’t just film ‘Breaking Dawn’ in our kitchen. We make sure the set looks legit as possible, we take pride in that and really cherish that,” said the sisters.

Despite their close age, the sisters don’t let fights or creative differences come between them.

“She’s my shadow and I’m the shadow of her. We’re like one brain, she’s half and I’m the other half even though we’re four years apart,” explains Hilly.

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While they’ve reached YouTube fame with over 110,000 subscribers the sisters also travel with the official Twilight conventions and Vampire Diaries conventions. But they’re also fans of other YouTubers.

“We love Kaleb Nation, he’s pretty cool,” said the Hindi sisters.

The next video we can expect from the comedic duo will be a ‘Breaking Dawn’ parody that is sure to meet and exceed fan expectations. In the meantime, have a Happy Gagaween and enjoy the Hindi sisters’ Tim Burton inspired parody.