James Durbin Had To Postpone Recording His First Single [AUDIO]

November 1, 2011 12:01 am

Yesterday on ryanseacrest.com, we premiered the first single from season 10 “American Idol” contestant James Durbin. It’s called “Love Me Bad” and according to James, the first time he tried to record the song it wasn’t the “love” that was bad, it was his voice.

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“We actually had to postpone the recording, because my voice gave out. My producer wouldn’t let me record the song. So, that was pretty funny, I’m like ‘Come on man, I can do this song, I swear,’ he said, ‘No You’ve had enough, man.'”

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Apparently James’ vocal chords temporarily failed, due to all the strain he’d put on them trying to sing his heart out. Anyway, if you guys haven’t heard it, take a listen below and if you like what you hear, it’s available on iTunes as of today!

[soundcloud id='65597477']