Ben Stiller Thinks Jonah Hill ‘Is Going To Go For Mr. Universe’ [AUDIO]

November 2, 2011 9:00 am

Ben Stiller called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Wednesday to talk about his new movie “Tower Heist,” and going to the gym with his buddy Jonah Hill.

Jonah mentioned during a recent interview with that Ben Stiller’s body is “jacked like Lance Armstrong. Ben who is currently shooting a movie with Jonah in Atlanta tells us, “We went to this mixed martial arts gym and I’m telling you Jonah kicked ass. He is serious dude, the transformation is incredible. I think he is going to go for Mr. Universe.”

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Ben is co-starring with Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, and Casey Affleck for his new movie “Tower Heist.” How did this dream team cast came together? Ben tells us, “I think everybody was really excited about doing this kind of movie. It reminded me of movies I saw growing up when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s.”

There has been talk that the movie has similarities to the Madoff story, we asked Ben if this was just a coincidence. “A little bit. I think what happened was that Eddie Murphy actually had come up with the idea of this movie a long time ago about a bunch of guys who pull off an inside job in a building. Then it went through a lot of different incarnations, and then that happened and they incorporated that into the story. I guess the timing is sort of current, but hopefully the movie just sort of works as a fun movie.”

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The movie is clever and Ben tells us, “My favorite scenes in the movie are the ones where they are all together trying to figure out how to pull off the heist, and the idea that it is a bunch of people who have never done it before.”

“Tower Heist” opens in theaters on Friday, November 4th.

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