Brett Ratner’s Partying Grandmother Is Best Friends With Paris Hilton [AUDIO]

November 3, 2011 7:36 am

Brett Ratner visited “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Wednesday to discuss producing the Academy Awards in 2012, and his partying grandmother, who happens to be best friends with socialite Paris Hilton, is playing matchmaker for the world renown director.

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After tackling comedies and creating globe trotting action franchises the director has set his sight on producing the Academy Awards. “Ironically, I’ve never been to the Academy Awards. I’ve never done anything live, but I’m the guy that loves a challenge. They said, ‘You have to pick the host, the presenters, decide where everybody sits, the music that gets played, you decide when your going to people get walked off the stage when the speeches are too long!”

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The director even gave us an inside look into his family home life which oddly enough includes his partying grandmother. “My grandparents live with me. My grandmother goes and hangs out all day long at Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus and she’s just patrolling. She says, ‘My grandson is a very famous director. You have to meet him.” I come home and Miss Spain is in my kitchen cooking for me arroz con pollo!”

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Brett continues, “Most mothers and grandparents don’t have good taste…but my grandmother on the other hand has the best taste as anybody! She’s also Paris [Hilton's] best friend. They talk on the phone for hours. Paris is obsessed with my grandmother.”

Opening this weekend “Tower Heist” which Brett describes as “the quintessential New York City heist movie…and I recreated the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I knew I was a really big director when I had to a take where I say ‘cut,’ and they go, ‘lets reset the parade’ and the entire parade starts going the other way!’

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