Coldplay Drummer Will Champion Reveals The Band’s Preshow Ritual [AUDIO]

November 7, 2011 12:01 am

Last night Coldplay was one of the many superstars rocking the EMAs MTV’s European version of the Video Music Awards. Many bands and artists have preshow rituals they do before they walk on stage like a prayer, or a chant, or some pagan incantation. We went to Coldplay drummer Will Champion to learn if the boys have their own pre-show ritual.

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“Before we play live we have a little moment where we’re just quietly, and supportive group hug.”

Totally get the group hug thing when it’s appropriate. Before you and your bros…hit the stage…to rock a huge crowd? Totally the time. Before you and your bros hit the links for a round of golf? I think a fist bump will more than suffice.

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