Twilight Soundtrack Released Today Includes Bruno Mars, Christina Perri, & Joy Formidable

November 8, 2011 10:12 am

Twilight fans! Stores and iTunes nationwide released the “Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” official soundtrack today! Take a look at what music will be playing during the movie, which we can hardly anticipate its premiere on November 18th. Ten days away, we’ll be able to match song with scene, but for now, find out which songs made it on the list.

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We have emotionally dark music by “Grenade” singer Bruno Mars as well as the singer who acclaimed fame from her single “Jar Of Hearts,” Christina Perri.

Bruno Mars told us in his interview with Ryan Seacrest, “The opportunity came up to go see some scenes in ‘Breaking Dawn.’ When I saw a couple of the scenes I was like, ‘That song I started might be perfect for this.’

Listen To Bruno Mars Bring The Pain In ‘Breaking Dawn’ Song ‘It Will Rain’ [AUDIO]

On the soundtrack, we will also be hearing from the band Joy Formidable who gives us an alternative rock opening in their song “Endtapes” which goes well with the “Twilight” theme of edgy alternative rock. Another big name is rapper Theophilus London, who sings “Neighbors,” breaking away from rock and giving us a relaxed and smooth rap. In the anticipated wedding scene, we assume it will be matched with “Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)” by Iron & Wine. With calming vocals and harmonious violins, we can only imagine a beautiful slow dance between Bella & vampire Edward. As for the rest of the tracks, melancholy music floods our ears from artists like Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz, Mia Maestro, and Imperial Mammoth. Check out the rest of the setlist here:

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1. “Endtapes” – By The Joy Formidable
2. “Love Will Take You” – By Angus & Julia Stone
3. “It Will Rain” – By Bruno Mars
4. “Turning Page” – By Sleeping At Last
5. “From Now On” – By The Features
6. “A Thousand Years” – By Christina Perri
7. “Neighbors” – By Theophilus London
8. “I Didn’t Mean It” – By The Belle Brigade
9. “Sister Rosetta” – By Noisettes (2011 Version)
10. “Northern Lights” – By Cider Sky
11. “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” – By Iron & Wine (Wedding Version)
12. “Requiem On Water” – By Imperial Mammoth
13. “Cold” – By Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz
14. “Llovera” – By Mia Maestro
15. “Love Death Birth” – By Carter Burwell

Make sure to get your hands on the soundtrack that was released today! Tell us what you think of the music!