Brad Pitt Tops The List For Favorite Gladiator Fighting Movie Star [LIST]

November 11, 2011 9:43 am

In honor of “Immortals” hitting theaters on today, we are racking up thee sexiest “gladiator” fighting movie stars. This is for all the ladies out there. Although, it was hard to only choose five, we’re sure these men and their fabulous abs will not disappoint.

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5. RUSSELL CROWE - He’s the “Gladiator” of all gladiators. That movie came out over ten years ago, but who can forget his manly facial hair and trendy short hair cut.

(Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies)

4. THE ROCK (DWAYNE JOHNSON) – He is thee “Scorpion King!” It’s not your typical emperor, combat type movie, but he does strut around topless carrying a sword.

(Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies)

3. SAM WORTHINGTON – He snagged the leading role in “Clash of the Titans” after starring in “Avatar.” He makes the dirt on his face look sexy while sporting a buzz cut.

(Photo Courtesy of All Movie Photo)

2. GERARD BUTLER - This Scottish lad brings sexy to a whole other level in the movie, “300.” Shirtless! Shirtless! and more shirtless-ness! Did anyone even pay attention to what he said in that movie?

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1. BRAD PITT – Brad is the epitome of sexy gladiator fighters. If his toned biceps and thighs don’t do it for you, then, just look at his masculine face and long golden hair!

(Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies)

Don’t forget to check out “Immortals” in theaters November 11th!