Ryan Has Polar Bear Encounter In The Canadian Arctic [PHOTOS]

November 14, 2011 6:40 am

It was an adventurous weekend for Ryan Seacrest as he visited the Arctic Circle for the first time, taking part in Coca-Cola‘s Arctic Home campaign in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund to save polar bears’ natural habitat.

Ryan and the Coca-Cola team entered the Arctic from Northern Canada, and explored the area in tundra buggies, specially equipped for the sub-zero temperatures across the sprawling land mass. Ryan tweeted photos throughout the trip, writing about a particularly friendly bear, “Off roading on a tundra buggy and my new pal strikes a pose.”

Coca-Cola is contributing $2 million to WWF over the next five years, and through the campaign, will match all fan donations made until March 15, 2012, up to $1 million. For more information on Coca-Cola’s Arctic Home efforts, please visit arctichome.com.

Arctic Polar Bear