David Beckham Reveals ‘Justin Bieber Is Great With Kids!’ [AUDIO]

November 16, 2011 9:00 am

While driving his kids to school school David Beckham called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Wednesday to discuss the newest addition to the Beckham family, and why Justin Bieber couldn’t put baby Harper down!

David contacted Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter just to ask, “Is Justin in town? Because its Romeo’s birthday, and I’d like to get an autographed signed.” Scooter said, ‘he’s just doing his Christmas album why don’t you just come out to the studio in Hollywood?'”

While there David revealed that “Justin’s so great with kids! We walked into the studio, and we had Harper with us. Justin literally picked up Harper, and wouldn’t put her down the whole time we were there. Obviously, he’s got a younger brother and sister so he’s really amazing with the kids.”

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The Beckham family have recently welcomed a joyous new addition, baby girl Harper is “so beautiful. Having a little girl in the house with Victoria is a whole different vibe now. She’s so chilled.” But now the soccer player must “be a little more tender with a little girl. She’s so feminine! I’ve never had that before obviously with three boys. Everything she does is feminine. Her little noises. The way that she drinks her bottle. The way that she moves her hand. The way that she smiles.”

However David’s oldest boy “Brooklyn is starting to notice girls. He’s starting to dress differently to impress the girls which is going to happen at some point. I’m more comfortable with that with the boys then obviously when Harper bigger and dating. But I’m lucky. I’ve got three boys that are very protective over her already, and by the time she is dating the boyfriend is going to have no chance whatsoever.

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This weekends soccer match between the LA Galaxy against the Houston Dynamo may be the last time Beckham will suit up for the team. David plans to “sit down with the family at the end of this season, and over Christmas decide what I feel I can do. If it’s continue to play here, or there, or just to stop playing and do something else. Right now, I feel healthy enough to continue to play, but that could change.”

While on the field David commemorates his children by wearing their names on his shoes, “Since we had our first, Brooklyn, I put their names on the boot. I’ve got four kids now so I’m running out of space. Now I have all the names on the boot.”

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