‘American Idol’ Alumni James Durbin Premiere Music Video For ‘Love Me Bad’ [VIDEO]

November 17, 2011 9:02 am

American Idol‘s Season 10 contestant, James Durbin, is preparing to release his debut album, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster, on November 21st, but before that, he’s rocking out in his music video for “Love Me Bad.”

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In the video James is pleading for his ex-girlfriend to love him again. He can’t take another second being without her. He’s so heartbroken that he decides to burn and destroy household items that resemble their relationship.

He talks behind the scenes about this raging video. He says, “Love Me Bad is the first single. It’s a power ballad. The video is just going to bring so much more life to it. You’re really going to understand the words a lot better.”

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Watch the “on fire” video above, and let us know what you think of James’ debut in the comments below!

VIA: Idolator