Five Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Twilight’s’ ‘Breaking Dawn- Part 1′ [LIST]

November 18, 2011 9:23 am

It’s almost time for Edward, Jacob, and Bella to hit the big screen in Twilight‘s “Breaking Dawn Part 1,” and there are some interesting facts from the set of the first “Breaking Dawn” installment. Here are five pieces of trivia for all of the Twi-hards out there.

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1. Robert Pattinson (Edward) went through a strict diet and exercise routine before shooting started. As soon as the sex scene was over, Rob stopped the intense dieting and activity.

2. The intimate scene between Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward was so steamy that it initially caused the film to get an R rating. The scene later had to be edited in order for the movie to receive a PG-13 rating.

3. The Cullen‘s address is not a secret anymore. Bella and Edward’s wedding invitation has their address listed as 420 Woodcroft Ave, Forks, WA.

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4. Kristen has told the press that, she found the honeymoon scenes with Rob to be very awkward and not passionate at all.

5. The writer of The Twilight Saga, Stephanie Meyer, was interested in possibly directing the last of her book series.

Breaking Dawn Part 1” hits theaters November 18th!