Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Talk ‘Breaking Dawn’ [VIDEO]

November 18, 2011 7:50 am

Twi-hards everywhere will be flocking to the theater last night at midnight to see Edward and Bella walk down the aisle and experience the birth everyone is dying to see in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

KIIS Fm’s JoJo sat down with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner to talk about cementing their hands at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, their favorite scenes of the movie and chewing placenta…yes, placenta.

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Rob admitted on the red carpet that even he hasn’t seen the movie yet. But the birth of his daughter with Bella is one of the scenes he’s dying to see in all it’s big screen glory.

“I mean chewing through placenta and stuff doesn’t seem like it’s normally part of a movie. I’m not necessarily sure if it’s placenta. It’s like a diamond hard embryonic sack. It’s very sexy, isn’t it?” Rob joked.

Kristen shared that she can tell the veteran fans from the bandwagon fans by how much they yell at Rob and Taylor to take their shirts off.

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“Like at conventions, rather than hearing so much of like ‘take off your shirt!’, I feel like those ones [veteran fans] really want to convey that they’re not like that. They’ve been to five conventions and they’re not going to scream that anymore,” she explained.

Finally, Taylor Lautner shared that he loves this movie the most out of the whole series.

“It is by far the most intense. It’s very different than the other three. It’s definitely my favorite. It will keep you on the due of your seat until the very, very last second,” he said.

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When asked if we’ll get to see the infamous Bella birth scene in part 1 of ‘Breaking Dawn’, Taylor would only say that we’ll “get a taste of it.”

We’ll definitely be hitting the theaters to see just what happens to our favorite vampires and wolves!