‘Now That I Found You’ By Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed Available Now In iTunes [AUDIO]

November 18, 2011 8:45 am

Recently Nikki Reed called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” from “her spaceship” to talk about collaborating on a duet with new husband Paul McDonald for ‘Now That I’ve Found You‘ available now in iTunes, and revealed which ‘Twilight‘ cast members were invited to her wedding.

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McDonald opens the song, “I hope your eyes just smile forever, only once I’ve told a lie / I hope these days go on forever and always right by your side / you’re all I want to know for the rest of my life.” If James Taylor and Rod Stewart had a musical baby, it would unequivocally be this song, ripe with emotion and overflowing with enough love to last a vampire’s lifetime. (Purchase now on iTunes)

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However will the celebrity couple continue to create music together? “He really wants me to. He’s really supportive and encourages everything, so he wants to be a super team. I’m a little more shy. We’ve done some open mic’s together. I probably will end up doing it.”

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Nikki revealed that her duet with husband Paul McDonald “happened about a month ago. Paul basically lives with a guitar strapped around his body, and he just walks around the house plays stuff; I’ve experimented with writing lyrics for other people in the past. He recorded the music, and on the way back from Europe, a week and a half ago,  I just sat and wrote lyrics to his music. Then we went in this Saturday, and recorded it with Andre Harris.” Andre is an industry vet who has worked with everyone from Michael Jackson to Mariah Carey to Usher.

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Nikki took questions from fans on Ryan’s Facebook about a “more mature” Twilight.

Jenn asked via Facebook, “Who did you invite from the cast of ‘Twilight’ to your wedding” Nikki “invited a lot of people, but people that went were Jackson [Rathbone] and Taylor [Lautner] ended up coming to the wedding.”

Janie asked via Facebook “What was it about Paul that made you decide he was the one? Nikki “can’t remember ‘The Moment.’ It was just being that way. I guess it was jsut how funny he was. All the things that could bother me. I just works. Its like a puzzle. I’m not even articulate right now.”

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Newlywed Nikki shared how the couple initially met saying “Paul is a big believer of fate, which is so cute, and he started to convince me. We met because I was suppose to be shooting in Vancouver…but instead I went to the premiere in LA. All the ‘American Idol’ contestants were there, and I just went to tell him that I thought that he was really fantastic, and then…I don’t know what happened! Then I got a ring!”

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