7 Safety Tips For Your Black Friday Shopping Trip

November 22, 2011 9:36 am

Get your running shoes on and your credit cards out because it’s Black Friday time shoppers! While the biggest discount day of the year may put a dent in your wallet, it’s probably the closest you’ll get to exercise after that huge Thanksgiving dinner you consumed. But while you’re elbowing your way past other shoppers to get to that cheap TV, it’s time to take a step back and think safety. Thieves are out to snatch up your purchases or wallets so here are some ways you can be safe this Friday.

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1. Keep your kids on a leash! Okay so don’t really humiliate them with those human leashes but keep an eye on your shopping partners. Getting separated in the mob of discount hunters is easy. Pick a central spot to meet at in case you or someone else gets lost.

2. Don’t act like you have 8 arms! Only buy as much as you can physically carry. Thieves prey on the naive shopper who sets down their hoard of bags to look at something else. You don’t want that half off cell phone to be gone before you can even customize your ringtone do you?

3. Save your receipts! Nothing’s worse than picking out tons of clothes and deciding you don’t really want them after all. Maybe you were just on a buying high in the store and those footie pajamas weren’t the wisest purchase. Without receipts or tags most stores won’t take back your items.

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4. Conceal your purchases. Nothing gets a thief going like a car full of bags that are clearly visible. Lock them in your trunk or place them under seats out of sight.

5. Invest in a stylish cross body bag.  A pickpocket will have a hard time getting to your wallet if your bag is close and secure to your body.

6. Forget the crowds and stay at home. Hop on your computer and go online shopping but make sure the websites are credible. Never put your credit card online if you have any second guesses as to who is really seeing it.

7. Map it out! Figure out what stores you’ll be hitting and in what order so you can make the smartest purchases possible. Stop at home to empty your car if it gets too full to conceal items.

VIA National Crime Prevention Council