Adam Sandler’s ‘Thanksgiving Song’ Gets the Ryan Seacrest Treatment [VIDEO]

November 23, 2011 12:52 pm

It’s no secret that Ryan possesses an uncanny gift of song and delights in sharing his gift with the listeners of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” but Wednesday, something wasn’t quite right about his latest performance.

With just hours until Thanksgiving, Ryan took to the airwaves to sing his own rendition of Adam Sandler‘s turkey day classic “The Thanksgiving Song.” Ryan, on vocals, was backed by co-host Ellen K. in the tragic eclectic cover of the song Sandler originally made famous in 1992 on “Saturday Night Live.”

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If Ryan’s rendition above doesn’t quite stuff your turkey, watch Sandler sing the original in the video below — as Huffington Post Comedy points out, “the ballad pokes fun at the holiday with pop culture references that are even more funny today because they are so dated.”


Love Turkey Day
With lots of cheer
But with that much salt
I’m glad it’s just once a year
Love to cook the bird
On this day
Every other time
I call California Chicken Cafe
I eat so much
I feel real La-zy
I pretend to really love football
But I’m probably watching E!
Thanksgiving’s a day off
For almost every-one
Unless you work in retail
It’s not as much fun

Thanks-giv-ing…is a such a de-light
Black Fri-day starts Thursday night
That’s right
Thanksgiving with family is such a riot
It also marks the end of my liquid diet
Turkey is so good
leftovers are fun
But it’s hard to eat the sandwich
With-out a bun

Thanksgiving is a day people tend to dismiss
They go from Halloween right to Christmas
Third week of November is where it’s at
It’s also the day –
I’ll be feeling fat
This is the day
Of the famous truce
I’ll be spending mine
With the girl from Foot-loose