Kat Graham Is Spending Thanksgiving With The Cast & Crew of ‘Vampire Diaries’ [AUDIO]

November 24, 2011 12:01 am

Today, most of you are spending Thanksgiving at home with your loved ones. But if you’re Kat Graham and you are in the middle of shooting this season of “The Vampire Diaries,” on location in Georgia, you can’t get away.

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So, Kat’s decided to host some of her on-set family for a holiday meal. “I have friends that are in the crew who are creole, and they’re bringing that kind of food and Louisiana food. It’s going to be an eclectic holiday, and we have so much to be thankful for, we have an amazing third season,” she tells us.

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Whatever you have to be thankful for, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

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