Kris Humphries Explodes Over Naked Yoga Instructor [VIDEO]

November 28, 2011 9:48 am

Your favorite Kardashian sisters, Kourtney & Kim, are back for a wildly entertaining new season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. Fans are finally getting a glimpse of what married life and mommy life are really like for Kim and Kourt. If you missed last night’s episode here’s all the details on what’s going on in the Kardashian world.

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The bickering between the newlyweds began to cast a cloud over their wedded bliss. Kim and Kris had never lived together, and it quickly becomes apparent that their lifestyles are different. The boiling tension between the two finally bursts when Kris comes home to find a “naked rasta yoga man” in their apartment. He screams that he wants the couch sterilized if the instructor sat down and Kim tells him how immature and rude he’s being. Kris storms off to the bar to meet up with a buddy to vent about the “strip club” atmosphere going on in his home.

“Scott’s gone and he’s left me with two crazy women and a baby,” Kris says. “Now a naked man in the living room, I’ve got to make a change.”

Kim tweeted about the naked yoga incident on her Twitter account during last night’s show: “@KimKardashian: Oh no! Naked yoga! Has anyone ever heard of this before???? I can’t take it!”

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Kris couldn’t take it either. He tells his new wife he loves her but thinks it’s best if he moves to Minnesota for training.

“I don’t want you to be unhappy, I want to support whatever you’ve got to do,” says Kim.

Kourtney, Scott, and Mason are also keeping their favorite girl company while she gets enemas, goes on a holistic diet and engages in naked yoga. Kourt may have moved to the East coast but this girl is definitely still living the Hollywood health-conscious lifestyle!

Kourtney defended her enemas and naked yoga on her Twitter account during last night’s episode:

@KourtneyKardash: I love my crazy health ways! And I also love spreading it onto others! #kktny, I love oil enemas! I recommend them to all you freaks…trust me when I say life changing! #kktny, and Naked YOGA!!! Take it off bitches! #kktny.

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But Kourtney’s new holistic habits are the least of her problems. We’re having ‘Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami’ flashbacks with the amount of Scott drama going on!

During a “Welcome To New York” party for the sisters, Scott downs drink after drink and refuses to leave the club. Scott even tells Kourtney to get out of his car and walk home! Fed up, Kourt heads back to their apartment alone. The next day Scott packs his bag for a few days of space.

At the episode’s conclusion, Scott hasn’t returned and Kris is off to Minnesota. Stay tuned to see what Kim and Kourt do while the boys are away!