Pitbull Stays Sexy With A Spray Of Cologne AND Perfume [AUDIO]

November 28, 2011 12:01 am

Miami rapper Pitbull is known for his Latin-infused rap music and for keeping it sexy. If you’re ever around the dude you see the reaction ladies have around him. Let’s just say they like them some Pitbull!

Timbaland Releases ‘Pass At Me’ Music Video Featuring Pitbull

So, what’s his secret to attracting the females? Two sprays. Before he goes out, he applies one blast of cologne and one puff of perfume to create a nice full-bodied scent.

Pitbull Adds Fire To Remix of Gloria Estefan’s ‘WEPA’

So, that’s his sexy secret that apparently his momma taught him. We’re sure the fact that he’s a Grammy-winning platinum-selling super-suave rapper has nothing to do with his appeal.

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