Zac Efron Stars In ‘The Lucky One’ Based Off Novel By Nicholas Sparks [VIDEO]

November 30, 2011 2:08 pm

Zac Efron stars in the newest Nicholas Sparks novel-turn-movie “The Lucky One.” Nicholas, who previously penned “The Notebook,” has told the tale of a young soldier in Iraq [Efron] who finds a picture of a woman on the ground, which ultimately ends up saving his life. The young soldier then goes on a quest to find this woman, and the two are brought together. What starts out as strangers, turns into friends, which then turns into true romance.

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The first peek at the romance movie has been released, which includes the trailer and featurette from the stars of the movie, as well as the author of the novel, Sparks. If this movie is anything like the other Nicholas Sparks films, we suggest you bring some tissues when you go see it. And from the clips above, we can bet that this will be a tear jerker!

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Go see sexy Zac Efron in this epic romance tell, in theatres Aprile 20, 2012.

VIA Yahoo