Free Falling Skydiver Hangs Upside Down Without A Parachute [VIDEO]

December 1, 2011 2:52 pm

You would think that Tom Petty‘s “Free Falling” would be the background track during this guy’s deathly dive! Greg Gasson, a daredevil skydiver takes free falling in its most literal sense. In the Youtube video, he calmly narrates, “It’s kind of an airy feeling.” Hmm, you don’t say!

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With literally no equipment attached to his body, the man courageously jumps out of a plane, thousands of feet up in the air, with no shoes nonetheless, and simply allows gravity to take control. Merely holding a backpack containing a parachute to avoid the worst, he ejects the parachute while holding the strap of the backpack with one hand. If he were to mistakenly lose grip, this adrenaline junkie would not have seen the light of day again.

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If that’s not extreme, keep watching and you see him put his bare feet through the straps and hang upside down as if he were casually dangling on a tree limb! Watch the video above to see this free falling feat for yourself.

VIA Youtube