Watch Lady Gaga’s Epic 13 Minute Music Video for ‘Marry The Night’ [VIDEO]

December 1, 2011 4:35 pm

Watch Lady Gaga‘s latest music video which was released by E! Online for ‘Marry The Night’ which she calls “autobiographical.” The Grammy nominated singer has done it again in her directorial debut that will keep her fans, and the public talking for quite sometime. From the psych ward to retro dance numbers to nude scenes, this may be Gaga’s greatest video to date.

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“I’m gonna make it. I’m gonna be a star. You know why? Because I have nothing left to lose,” proclaims Gaga as she cries in a hospital bed. We then see a series of flashbacks including Gaga getting her Natalie Portman on as a ballerina, bleaching her hair in a bathtub and violently eating cheerios.

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“You may say I lost everything, but I still had my bedazzler,” Gaga says after she’s thrown a fit in a hotel room. Gaga told Vanity Fair the scene represents “the worst day of her life” when she was dropped by a record label early in her career.

Watch all the insanity and glory of Mother Monster’s self-directed creation above!

VIA E! Online