A Wise 3rd Grader Vents On Love, Boyfriends, & Bullying [VIDEO]

December 2, 2011 6:20 am

It’s a parent’s duty to advise their growing children about the ups and downs of boys, relationships, and bullying. But Kaitlyn knows more about being hurt and dealing with the good and bad of rocky relationships as if she were a full-grown woman who has dealt with situations like this before. Oh, did we forget to mention she’s nine-years-old!?

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In the Youtube video, Kaitlyn talks to her mom about how she got punched in the stomach by a bully at school. As a repercussion, boyfriend Ashton of nine days (which may be months in kid years) tried to protect her by yelling at the bully in the bathroom.

But, clearly upset about his overbearing protectiveness, she tells Mom: “It’s my life, this is my childhood, I’m going to have some pretty bad things that you cannot stop. And, maybe I want it to happen, maybe I actually want to get hurt sometimes.”

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As if this monologue came out of a scene in a melodramatic soap opera, she continues: “He is not my whole world. I love other people. And, we’re going to have to break up at least soon.”

Oh, the sweetness of childhood. If only grown adults knew this kind of wisdom…

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