Ryan Seacrest Surprises Army Wife And Wounded Soldier With A Holiday Gift Package [AUDIO]

December 2, 2011 8:45 am

It was only last month when a suicide bombing in Afghanistan killed 13 of our American soldiers. Unfortunately, a mother and army wife knows this story all too well.

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Paula’s husband, Ivan, was in the car that got bombed and was being burned alive in the car. Ivan’s friend fortunately pulled him out of the vehicle to live, but the friend who saved his life did not make it. What is a miracle for Paula and her family can also be considered a tragedy for those families of the other 13 soldier who lost their lives too soon serving our country.

Ryan Makes A KIISmas Miracle Come True For A Widowed Father Of Two Daughters

Paula and her husband are currently in Texas, where he is being treated at a burn center where 45% of his body is covered in burns. Their four kids are left in California where the eldest son, 19, is taking care of his three siblings.

One of Paula’s dear friends from work, Kristine from Orange is hoping Ryan can grant her a KIISmas wish. She sent us this email about her friend:

Hi Ryan!
Please consider helping this family out. I have a friend here at work, her name is Paula, and her husband was involved in the suicide bombing in Afghanistan just last month. 13 of our soldiers died, but miraculously he survived. His friend pulled him out of the burning vehicle and unfortunately his friend did not make it. Ivan was severely burned and is now recovering in Texas at a burn center. Paula was flown out as soon as it happened and is now out there in Texas taking care of him. They have 4 lovely children and their oldest son who is 19 years old is taking care of his brothers and sister while she is gone away.

I know they are going to have a tough Christmas this year and I want to help them out. She doesn’t know when she will be able to come back to work, and I know they depended on her paycheck.

Paula helped me out last Christmas when we had nothing to give our two kids, and I will never forget it. She is such a caring person and I know she wants to give her kids a good Christmas, but since this happened, I know she is unable to do it.

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Ryan was able to bless the family with an amazing gift package. All four kids are getting to spend a day at Disneyland, and the eldest son who is taking care of his sister and brothers will be receiving an iPad 2. Also, Paula and Ivan will be getting some extra cash, as they are receiving $1,000. We can’t think of a more deserving family for all of these wonderful gifts!

Do you know of a family that deserves a KIISmas miracle? Email us and tell us their story. They could be the next lucky family to receive KIISmas presents before Santa does!

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