Lady Gaga Reveals Her Dad’s Reaction To ‘Marry The Night’ [VIDEO]

December 5, 2011 9:45 am

Lady Gaga called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk about writing lyrics for Elton John and her families reaction to her graphic autobiographical video for “Marry The Night.”

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Lady Gaga is “honored just with a nomination for the consistency of the work as a full body, and not just for the singles.” Most importantly the Mother Monster is “hoping to make my Dad proud. I’m hoping that all the young producers that worked on the album are going to be rewarded or at least feel honored for their hard work. We worked harder on ‘Born This Way‘ than any of my previous work.”

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However how was her families reaction to her graphic directorial debut for “Marry The Night“? She recalls, “My dad called me and he was like, ‘That was so raw, and the angles that you chose.’ My dad really understands me. So he said he loved how linear it was in the beginning, and then in the middle it was chaotic and at the end it was graphic, but that it wasn’t really.”

She continued, “My family knows my vocabulary. My sister’s a fashion designer too so I guess in our household we’re sort of used to talking about art and fashion and music all the time. And same thing at the Grammy nominations, he’s like, ‘That opening was the [expletive]!’ And he said something like ‘Never wear red, white and blue, always be the underdog.’ I was like, ‘Yeah okay Dad have you had a couple drinks?'”

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Lady Gaga also proudly proclaimed her 13 minute masterpiece music video for “Marry The Night” had  “broken all the records we had held with ‘Telephone,'” but have we seen everything? “There is at least 30 minutes of more footage, and that’s just from that one set up. The video is autobiographical, so there’s nothing in the video that is untrue. I think I tried to make it as real and true to the story as possible. But I remember very clearly when Vincent Herbert [Interscope Records] and I met in California and it was in the afternoon so I think it was 4 p.m.

Lady Gaga recalls giving them a disclaimer “because I dressed so different and the music was more experimental I assured him I’m not interested in being an underground pop singer that makes underground music, I’m interested in taking what’s underground and making it overground. ” She continued, “he just really believed in me. He was really the first person to really really believe in me as I was and not try to change me.”

Lady Gaga also revealed she has written lyrics for a duet with Elton John however “he can change them or do whatever he likes. I wrote the lyrics yes, but you know I’m not going to tell him ‘No.’ Gaga will also be “seeing him probably pretty soon. I see him quite as much as I can.”

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