Adele Joins Twitter To Benefit Her Favorite Charity [AUDIO]

December 7, 2011 12:02 am

Adele has been off the radar as of late recovering from throat surgery. Fans have asked the very private singer to keep them updated via Twitter, but she’s let her promo team handle her account until now. She posted:

Adele Sends Her First Personal TwitPic

“It’s really me! I’ll start tweeting if 10k of u start following drop4drop & their trip to India this wk….It’s a wonderful charity. Go! – A xxx.”

Drop4drop’s goal is to make clean water a reality for everyone on earth. Within minutes of her first tweet 10.000 more people began following the charity’s page. So, Adele posted tweet #2:

Adele Confesses She Would ‘Get On’ Justin Bieber

“That was quick! Thank U! I’m in bed watchin Gladiator eatin an apple.”

If you wanna find out what she snacks on next, follow her @OfficialAdele!

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