Cute Two-Year-Old Rapper Has More Swag Than Justin Bieber [VIDEO]

December 7, 2011 9:17 am

He’s just little boy, but Khaliyl Iloyl is one amazing 2-Year-Old With Flow! Alim seems to not only have inherited his rapping abilities from his father, Femi Iloyi, but also exhibits an innate talent for spiting his childish lyrics with a mature swagger reserved for veteran international rapper. Plus, he’s just plain cute.


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Although we do not  understand what Khaliyl is saying because of his baby gibberish,  he still impressively holds a beat with one hand in the air that is mesmerizing for a child his age. Even his facial expressions and sway are right on with the track. Who knows in a few years Khaliyl’s fame may very well spread beyond London, and give “Swagger Master,” Justin Bieber, a run for his money.

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 VIA BuzzFeed