Charlize Theron Talks About Being A ‘Young Adult’ & Her High School Crushes [AUDIO]

December 12, 2011 9:13 am

Charlize Theron called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk about her upcoming film “Young Adults.” The film follows Theron’s character as she returns to her hometown in her 30s, and attempts to win back her high school crush who is now married with a child. “She’s a hot mess, and also somewhat delusional. So she’s kind of attempting this rescue mission. She really truly thinks he’s miserable, and that she’s going to rescue him from this horrible fate of a beautiful young child, and a beautiful wife,” said Theron.

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But this kind of hot mess, dramatic reaction to a former flame ending up with someone else doesn’t just happen on the big screen. Theron commented that a woman’s reaction to an ex getting married is probably crazier than a man’s reaction saying, “If I had to be brutally honest I would have to say that women are definitely more emotional. So I think women would probably react to that more then men.”

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As beautiful as Theron is, it’s hard to believe she ever had a hard time getting a guy. But, she admits that during high school she had a huge crush on a guy who she thought didn’t know she was alive. Much to Theron’s surprise, a Vogue magazine writer tracked down her former crush! “I really didn’t think he would find this guy. He found him. He thought that it was kind of reciprocated, and it definitely wasn’t. I got little butterflies. I got that teenage girl thing again. I remember that red crushed velvet dress I got for the dance. Damn you!”, said Theron.

Catch “Young Adult” in theaters Decemeber 16.

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