Will Smith Searches Through Time In New Men In Black 3 Trailer [VIDEO]

December 12, 2011 7:10 am

The Men In Black are back. Will Smith resurrects street-wise super secret ‘Agent J’ to search for the answers as to why his partner ‘Agent K’ has somehow been erased from time, and believed to have ‘been dead for over 40 years.’

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Not only does the trailer bring back pleasant memories of some of our favorite moment of the MIB franchise including the good ol’ neural nebulizer and  a trunk full of alien weaponry, but more importantly the humor and relationship between the rigid, veteran partner Tommy Lee Jones, and the young street smart Agent J is back.

The last few seconds of the trailer reveal Josh Brolin playing a much younger Tommy Lee Jones to pitch perfection. Men In Black 3 will be kicking off the summer  blockbuster season on May, 25 2012.