Jimmy Kimmel Fools Kids In New Prank: ‘I Gave My Kids A Terrible Present’ [VIDEO]

December 13, 2011 12:27 pm

It seems like Jimmy Kimmel really has a thing for messing with kids during the holidays. His first homework assignment for parents was to tell their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy and record their reactions, which inevitably blew up to be a must-watch Youtube viral video due to its hilarious compilation of crying, screaming, and sometimes violent kids (video below).

This time, Kimmel told parents to give their kids a terrible present for Christmas. Check out how these unhappy children took the horrible news!

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Kids’ reactions varied from confused and disappointed to mad and violently furious for their very unexpected “gifts.” These presents that the children had put on their wish lists were shot down when their gifts ranged from all sorts of foods and household items.

Foods like an old banana, an onion, eggs, and a half-eaten sandwich to household items like a battery, a stapler, and even an invisible fence for a dog were a few of the unwanted items parents gave. In response? A few children chose to verbally express their dismay with, “This is the worst Christmas ever” and “I hate you,” as well as a few rambunctious boys who threw their presents on the ground!

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Watch the funny video up above and tell us what you think of the parents pranking the children. Only until these kids grow up will the parents realize what rebuttals they will make on them thanks to good ‘ol-fashioned karma!

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VIA Buzzfeed & Youtube