Ben F. Talks About Jennifer Love Hewitt & Skinny Dipping With Contestants [VIDEO]

December 14, 2011 10:35 am

The Bachelor  Ben F. stopped by the”On Air With Ryan Seacrest” studio on Wednesday to clarify his relationship with Jennifer Love Hewitt, dished about skinny dipping with contestants on upcoming season 16, and even practiced politely breaking up with beautiful women.

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Last time we had seen Ben F. his marriage proposal to former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert had been rejected, and he was promptly sent away on a rowboat. Ben lightheartedly recalls the heartbreak as “insult to injury, because the waves were too big for the little boat. So every time it bounced I got a face full of water.” He confesses, “No regrets…I was in love with her, and I wanted to see where it could go.”

Since then, Ben had been spotted with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and he confirmed they did “go a date in San Francisco.” However did the two make out? Ben has “no comment on it,” but insists “there was NOT a second date.” Explaining “It was right around the time when I was making my decision whether or not to be the next Bachelor, and I really wanted to follow through with this.”

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Ben goes on to tells us that the girls vying for his attention “can be catty, and they like to form their little packs. There are plenty of squabbles.” However “there’s one girl the other’s can’t stand,” and specifically “Courtney [Robertson] had her troubles. The women didn’t get along with her for a little while.”

The Bachelor promotional trailer even includes a clip of Ben being led away to a secluded beach by a lovely contestant, and the two end up skinny dipping! “When a beautiful woman asks you to go skinny dipping, you don’t say ‘No.’ I don’t think any man in his right mind would. Did I know I was going to catch some heat for it? Yes! But you’ve got to explore all options,” he says.

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However Ben, “always had a hard time breaking up with women. I always did what I call ‘The Slow Fizzle’ where you stop calling. For the first time in my life I had to man up and say good bye to these women. It was really really difficult.”

Ryan insists Ben practice saying goodbye to lovely women, and decides to bring into the studio his “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” staff members who happen to be diehard Bachelor fans. Ben begins by telling “Tanya you’re a beautiful woman, but I think the reason for us not having a lasting relationship is due to your ‘little bird’ nest at the top of your head.” Next up is Corrine who he can’t date due to her wedding ring. Watch the full video below to see how Ben F. politely rejects the third contestant.

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