Ryan Seacrest Gives A Caretaker Of Eight The Surprise Of Her Life [AUDIO]

December 14, 2011 8:42 am

Veronica from Oxnard contacted “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to nominate someone extra special for KIISmas during this joyous time of year.

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Veronica writes in her email:

Dear Ryan,

I met this amazing lady named AnaMarie about 5 years ago. We met at Dodger Stadium and instantly clicked. We live in different cities, but we stayed connected and built an awesome friendship. We both eventually fell in love with each others family’s. Ana is the oldest of 9 kids. Her parents were amazing; taking care of all those kids but yet finding time to help people in their community. It was truly a home built on love. Well about 2 years ago Ana’s mom suffered a brain aneurism and passed away within a few weeks.

Ana and her mom were best friends. It was so hard to watch her go through this. But through it all Ana has stepped up and taken care of her family. She moved into the house to help her dad with her siblings. Her father continued to work as a post man. Ana works full time while juggling 4 teenage/pre teen girls; from prom dress shopping to birthday parties, all out of her pocket!

Ana has done it all. Her heart never stops. She donates time and hand crafts to orphanages in Mexico, trying to teach her siblings how fortunate they are. She inspires me. I wish I had all the money in the world to help her give her family a great Christmas. Right now there are currently 8 of them living in one house. Anything from grocery help to Christmas present help would be awesome!!

Thank you,

Veronica Reveles

Anamarie has her hands full. After her mother passing away, she’s been the caretaker to her younger siblings and works full time to put food on the table. “She’s always positive and so happy and healthy. She’s never complaining or anything. You see it from the background, and you see what she’s doing. It breaks my heart that she never does anything for herself,” says Veronica.

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This 28-year-old college graduate even donates her spare time to help out in her community and gives to orphanages in Mexico. How does she manage to do it all? “You just have to get up and keep going everyday. I would do the same thing my mom would do for us, if she was still here,” says Anamarie. “You do what you have to do for your family.”

Even though she doesn’t mind her everyday duties, On Air, decided to reward Anamarie with some holiday favorites, including an XBOX 360 with a Kinect, $500 in groceries and a $500 shopping spree at her local mall. “Are you like for real… Thank you so much. This is unbelievable,” tearful Anamarie says. “She’s (Veronica) over here talking about me, but she’s such an amazing person as well. She has the biggest heart ever. She’s always making sure that I’m okay.”

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Before ending KIISmas with Anamarie, On Air gave her one last surprise. This selfless woman deserves a little time to pamper herself and so $1000 in cash should definitely do the trick.

Do you know of a family that deserves a KIISmas miracle? Email us and tell us their story. They could be the next lucky family to receive KIISmas presents before Santa does!