Chuck Lorre Finally Comments On Charlie Sheen’s Epic Public Meltdown

December 14, 2011 2:05 pm

Chuck Lorre, producer of CBS’s comedy sitcom “Two And A Half Men,” finally responds to Charlie Sheen‘s “epic drug run” and the duo’s relationship that went from awry to downright in the dumps. Lorre, 59, tells TV Guide about his “painful year” that he will be “sorting out for a long time.”

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After Sheen’s very public antics shunning and condemning people, and particularly Lorre for being a “stupid, stupid man,” he and the network knew that the safety of his life and the people who surround him were in danger.

He reveals his response to the relationship and the show: “I said, ‘Listen, if for some reason I’m now the Antichrist I’m happy to leave. It’s not in my interest to stop the show, and I certainly don’t want to put all these people out of work. Keep going. Get another guy. Don’t stop on my account.”

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Although he never left before the spiraling public drug addiction, he and audiences worldwide became very aware of his unhealthy behavior. He continues: “You couldn’t do that much cocaine and work. It was heartbreaking to be around here last year…It became clear that he was not sober, and we weren’t sure how hard he was trying to be sober anymore.”

As a consequence, they booted Sheen from the #1 most-watched comedy sitcom and is now replaced by comedian Ashton Kutcher. The decision was more so a moral decision of Lorre and the network, rather than for financial reasons. Their relationship remains a rocky battle between producer and actor and only time will tell when the two will be civil companions again.

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