Get ‘A Blind Date On Every Flight’

December 15, 2011 9:47 am

Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ takes connecting with people to a whole other level, and now, meeting each other off of cyberspace may become a possibility without the awkward blind date set-up by your friend. You won’t be meeting your date at a restaurant or at the movies, instead, you’ll be meeting them thousands of feet up in the air!

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KLM, a Dutch airline, is rumored to be using what any social networking sites like, Facebook, or LinkedIn use to connect people with similar interests using their actual social media accounts. By matching people based on their own displayed interests on their profiles, KLM will install a program called “social seating” to seat people of mutual interests next to each other so that traveling can be just another multitasking possibility: to travel from one place to another and mingle, connect, and/or network with your fellow travel buddy at the same time.

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KLM is a frontrunner when it comes to combining social media with in-air flying. They have already been recognized to “stalk passengers” so that travelers can arrive to their seat with gifts from fans. They even broke a Guinness World Record (or perhaps were the first) to start an in-flight dance party created through Twitter. With their possible new service, flying might be the new dating service!

What do you think of “social seating”? Would you use it for business relations or boyfriend-girlfriend finding? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

VIA Social Times & Visual Photos