Hilarious Web Series Captures What Girls Say [VIDEO]

December 15, 2011 8:30 am

Warning Expletives Included Probably no one else could better capture what girls say, or more so, what “ish” they say, better than this guy in this comedic Youtube video. This viral video is hilarious simply because it’s true! Graydon Sheppard, posing as a girl, takes a stab at the most commonly used phrases girls use every day and compile it into one crack-out-loud web series.

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Here’s a list of only some of the stuff girls say, according to Graydon Sheppard. And girls, don’t deny that you have said a majority (if not all!) these phrases by the time the day is over.

What “Ish” Girls Say:

“Do you know anything about computers?”
“Can you do me a huge favor?”
“Sorry can you just…turn that down?”
“Did I lock the door? (pause) Yes.”
“What’s my password?”
“Listen (repeat as necessary).”
“I’m not even joking right now.”
“I know, right?”

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He even continues in the best girl-to-girl conversation with comedian Juliette Lewis as they banter back in forth with phrases like, “I know, right?”…”Exactly”…”I’m not even joking right now.” Watch the video and watch his behavior epitomize what girls do day-to-day.

Can you imagine how many more episodes they are going to come up with? It might sound like a lot, but then again, girls do have a lot of “ish” to talk about! Tell us in the comments below if you saw yourself doing any of the things in the video…be honest!

VIA Youtube