Ryan Seacrest Gives A Single Mother Of Three A Tearful KIISmas [AUDIO]

December 15, 2011 8:00 am

If you thought KIISmas couldn’t get anymore emotional, then you haven’t heard the story about Maria from Lancaster. More than ten of Maria’s co-workers felt that she was most deserving of a fabulous KIISmas.

The men and women over at Renaissance Imaging Center in Lancaster sent an email to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” writing:

Dearest Ryan and Ellen,

We are writing you on behalf f our co-worker Maria, a mother of four beautiful children. In late 2009 she lost one of her children in a car accident. Immediately after that she became a single mother…

She came to work with us as a part time weekend employee while she was working full time elsewhere trying to just survive. She has no money to buy food, clothes or let alone a Christmas tree for her kids.

It breaks our hearts to hear her story. It really hit us this morning when she said she had to go to “Check In To Cash” just to buy groceries and she also told us her son’s shoes have holes.

Still despite all of the sadness in her life she manages to show up to work on time with a smile on her face and do the best job possible. The story of Maria brings tears to all of our eyes & makes us realize how thankful we are for what we have, and not too take life for granted. We hope that KIIS FM will be able to help Maria and her three children this holiday season!

So much THANKFULNESS from us to you all……

The girls & guy at Renaissance Imaging Center in Lancaster,

Nicole, Carmen, Mayda, Michelle, Katie, Rachelle, Christine, Rosie, Melissa, Shona, Lily & Mike

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Maria has had to tackle a number of bills, be the bread winner in the household, take care of her three children on her own, and she’s doing all of this with a smile on her face.

Co-worker Nicole says to Maria, “I truly admire your strength, and you’re such a brave mother and a strong woman. You’re caring and compassionate…I just think you’re amazing, and I wanted you to have the best Christmas in the world.”

Maria, who finds her strength in God, doesn’t get much alone time being a single working mother. Since, the holidays are about spending time with the people you love, On Air decides to throw in some KIISmas valuables.

A Christmas tree, a brand new laptop computer, $500 in groceries, a $500 shopping spree at her local mall, and cable service are all on their way to Maria’s home. If that wasn’t enough, On Air is also going to pay Maria’s heating bill to make it toasty for her family this time of year.

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It doesn’t stop there. Ellen K becomes emotional when finding out that Maria’s youngest child is 9-years-old and has holes in his shoes.  wanted to give a little something too.

“I just can’t imagine a little boy without shoes. I was getting Calvin ready for his holiday concert,” says Ellen K. of her own 9-year-old “I got out his good dress shoes, and they’re a size 4 1/2, and he can’t wear them anymore. They’re really beautiful, and he’s only worn them twice. I want Eduardo to have them.”

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After all of the good Maria has done and after all of the surprises she’s received, all she can say at this point is, “I’m speechless.”

Do you know of a family that deserves a KIISmas miracle? Email us and tell us their story. They could be the next lucky family to receive KIISmas presents before Santa does!

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