YouTube Sensation Erika David On How To Get Past Bullying [VIDEO]

December 16, 2011 12:00 pm

Singer and fashionista, Erika David (subscribe here), has uploaded over one-hundred videos onto YouTube. She has received over 40-million video views worldwide. When it comes to success, Erika welcomes the haters! Here’s an exclusive interview with the YouTube star talking all things Erika David.

Erika Reaches Over One-Million Views On Alicia Key‘s Un-Thinkable Cover:

When you have over 200,000 subscribers in the viral world, like Erika, hurtful comments are not that easy to avoid.

“Haters can only make you become a strong person. Criticism is always good. There’s always some kind of truth in some of the comments, and I do take some in, but also, at the same time, I just brush it off,” says the 23-year-old singer. “People are always going to hate. When people do hate, it means you are doing something right. You caught their attention. I’m not saying I’m proud to have haters, but sometimes, they are the ones that really push me to be better, to do more.”

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Erika has been making videos for the last four years, and she wasn’t always this confident.

“My first video was Beyoncé’s song, Irreplaceable. You’ll notice that I don’t ever look at the camera. The camera’s angled to the right side of my face. I would never stare at it. That would be like my first couple of videos,” says E-Deezy (nickname). “I just started getting more comfortable, and now, I’m like, all over the place with the camera, and now, I’m doing too much, and people are like, ‘Now, you move too much!’”

Erika’s Very First YouTube Cover- BeyoncéIrreplaceable:

Erika isn’t only known for singing covers from popular artists, including Beyoncé and Alicia Keys, but her fans also know her for coming up with some really unique remixes.

“I really didn’t even know I was going to get that much feedback from the first couple of videos. I kind of liked it. You know, maybe, I’ll start doing this after my classes. That’s when I actually started making my own remixes, and that’s when I started writing,” says Erika.

She continues, “It was a time about boys, and I went through a hard break up around that time. That inspired me to write. And that’s how, making these remixes off of these covers you hear on the radio, inspired me to write remixes.”

Erika’s First RemixNe-YoDo You:

When Erika isn’t remixing, she loves to sit back and tweet with her favorite artists, including Joseph Vincent, Alyssa Bernal and AJ Rafael.

“I definitely follow all of my little buddies from YouTube. We’re all like a little family. The list goes on…My favorite person of all to follow is probably Pharrell. I just love his music and everything.”

Erika is also hard at work on a future jewelry line, and she just recently put out her very first album. It’s a free download off of her website.

Check out Erika’s first single, Lemme Go, off her debut album:

“It’s in between an EP and an album. It’s really a big thing for me. I’m so excited because I’m actually putting out a whole project with just original music. The project is called Under The Covers,” says the songstress. “My fans were definitely a big inspiration for this project. It was time to give them something new.”

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