Is Lexi St. George The Next Rebecca Black? [VIDEO]

December 20, 2011 8:00 am

In light of YouTube star Rebecca Black rise to fame earlier this year, Ark Music Factory has cranked out two more teeny boppin’ idols with Lexi St. George and Madison Bray.

It seems as though CEO, producer and songwriter Patrice Wilson is taking the same angle and age demographic of an upbeat, carefree song for pre-teen girls, where lyrics take the back seat (no pun intended) and having fun over a catchy chorus dominate the ambiance. After all, this formula worked in the past with millions upon millions of viewers for “Friday” before it was removed from YouTube.

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Lexi St. George’s track “Dancing To The Rhythm” released earlier this year has definitely has the quality of a hit track with an upbeat tempo, strong chorus and fun lyrics of “come on come on, everybody’s feeling the beat,”  not to mention her week short road to stardom on Good Morning America’s  “One Week To Hit It Big Pop Star.” The special closely followed Patrice Wilson on his quest to find that next Pop Star to mold into superstardom and whirlwind them into a one week life changing experience of recording a song, then making a video and then become a world wide hit. Wilson said that Lexi had a star quality to her that made her stand out from the rest, especially when on stage.

Madison Bray on the other hand, delivers a certain charisma,confidence and swag in her song “Girl Swag.” It’s one part hip-hop and three parts attitude. This little 9-year-old raps over heavy based beats while watching the boys skate and eating some ice cream with her girls.

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With that being said, both girls may be talented, but are they as memorable as Rebecca Black? True, it is argueable that the perfect storm of debatable talent and an offensively catchy tune did propel at least the initial interest of Rebecca, miss Black also owns the ability to not take herself or her budding career too seriously. Perhaps these girls can follow in her footsteps if they see this music video as the first step into the public eye, and not into a arena concert spotlight.