Dubstep Dancer Rocks the Great Wall of China [VIDEO]

December 21, 2011 9:11 am

Since Marques Scott first amazed us with his Dubstep abilities set to Butch Clancy‘s remix of Foster The People‘s hit “Pumped Up Kicks” he has taken his abilities to the Far East  and insists, “Yes I was really on the Great Wall” to create “Dreamer Dubstep.”

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“Dreamer Dubstep” opens with Marques and a friend acting through the dialogue from fan favorite film Inception. We hear Leonardo DiCaprio ask Ellen Page, “You never really remember the beginning of a dream do you? Where are you right now? Your dreaming….” Marques then goes on to astonish us with his dancing abilities on the Great Wall of China. The combination of an amazing view atop the ancient monument with gravity defying dancing leaves us curious as to what he will do next.

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Marques has continued his collaboration with Butch Clancy, and dubsteps to his “Russian Lullaby.”  Marques also credits “SALADUK2 for making that vid to spark my interest for this concept!”