Man Proposes In Public Using Popular Internet Memes [VIDEO]

December 22, 2011 12:12 pm

Recently, Timothy Tiah of Kuala Lumpur proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Audrey Ooi Feng, using large posters of popular internet meme’s such as “The Socially Awkward Penguin,” “Rage Face,” and even a Lord of the Rings reference. All set to Christina Perri‘s romantic ballad, “A Thousand Years.”  As an internet nerd and hopeless romantic…I cried hysterically shed a tear..

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This is how it went down. Audrey, known as “4ft9″, had been asked out to dinner by her plotting friends to restaurant Neroteca, while Tim, affectionately called “Fatty” by “4ft9″, had also told his bride to be that he too would be out on the town with his own friends.

Audrey hilariously chronicled her perspective of the entire romantic event on her blog and has shared her every thought with each passing poster that ranged from fearing a breakup to sheer amusement! Finally, at the very last poster of Puss In Boots she realize he was proposing to her. The best part of Timothy’s plan? He even went as far as printing out a “She said YES” and a “She said NO” card.

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The proposal took place in public and was captured by the fearless crewmen of Crazy Monkey Studio who arrived earlier in the day and were able to have “achieved total invisibility”  by used wine bottles, glasses, cutleries, vases and flowers as cover for their four cameras and equipment.

Audrey was shocked by both her boyfriend and the production company’s covert operation exclaiming, “There was another cameraman hiding behind me the whole time in the corner recording us eating!! I’m super not aware of my surroundings.”

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Tim stressed via his blog that the event is captured exactly as it happened revealing: “At the end of the night one of the crew members asked me if I would like to film the entrance again to make it a little more dramatic but I declined. I said ‘This video is for me and Aud.’ We just want to remember everything as it was.”

Audrey summarized the evening wonderfully on her blog saying: “I loved that Fatty’s proposal was…  If it was any bigger or glamorous it would have been too much.  A bit geeky but whatever ok!!!! He knows I’m a meme freak so he went to research memes and rage faces so he could put it all together. He used Philosoraptor wrong though hahaha.”

Congrats Fatty & 4ft9!

VIA Crazy Monkey

Meme Proposal | Tim * Audrey from Crazy Monkey Studio on Vimeo.