Retail Workers Tell Shocking Stories Of Customers From Hell [LIST]

December 26, 2011 7:10 am

Christmas is over and we all know you loved each and every gift from your dear aunt Sally- married to uncle Tommy- twice removed, right?!  NOT!  Now before you lose your patience and turn into a not-so-merry monster while returning your unwanted thoughtful gifts the day after Christmas, think about what those helpless retail workers have endured during their busiest time of year.

Check out the following real retail horror stories that refute the claim “the customer is always right.” Do you have a horrible shopping blunder that you would like to share with Ryan? Contact us and you may be live “On Air with Ryan Seacrest!”

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1. Customer Bought Me A DIET SUPPLEMENT!
“While working at a major retail store that sells a variety of goods a woman asked me to help her find a couple items. I was a little hesitant because I had just started working there and I didn’t know the store very well. She asked me to find a dietary supplement for her. The customer asked for two bottles and I asked if she was sure she needed two. She responded, “Honey, I’m buying one for myself and one for you. You need to lose a little bit of weight too.” My jaw dropped. I told her that wasn’t necessary but she insisted on buying it for me. Eventually, my supervisor intervened and escorted the woman out of the store. Every time she came into the store after that event, she would try to approach me but I would always make a quick getaway.” – Jessica, 22

2. Customer Accussed Me Of Stealing From Her!
“While working at an upscale department store a customer came in to return some items. She asked if I would hold her bag while she looked around for new purchases. After browsing she came back to the counter to do her return. I took the pajamas out of the bag and did the transaction and she left with no problems. Later that day, the woman called the store to report a theft. She claimed that I had stolen a watch out of her bag while she was looking around the store. I never opened her bag except in front of her at the counter and she never mentioned a watch during the transaction. She adamantly yelled at me on the phone claiming I was dishonest and was the only person who could have stolen it. The following day she called to let us know she found the watch at home and offered no apology for accusing me of stealing from her.” – Allison, 22

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3. Shopping Addicts Anonymous
“I worked at a store that was run off of commission. Anytime a customer had lots of clothes in their hands my co-workers and I would fight each other off to get to him/her. A woman was walking around our department with tons of clothing items in her hands so I immediately offered to help her, hoping it would be a big sale. Little did I know she wanted to first return roughly 30 items totaling around $1000. Not only did she not have the receipts but many of the tags we’re missing so I was forced to look through her store credit card history. I discovered the woman shopped at our department store on almost a daily basis and bought thousands of dollars worth of clothes but returned the majority of them. I spent nearly 2 hours doing all of the returns while she held up our register and was completely oblivious to what a hassle she was causing.” – Madison, 24

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