The 5 Most Interesting Celebrity Aliases [PHOTO]

December 26, 2011 6:13 am

It’s well understood why celebrities assume secret identities when checking into hotels in an effort to avoid the paparazzi and die-hard fans, but as to why they choose some of the aliases they do is anybody’s guess! Check out our top 10 fave aliases below.

5. “Princess Jasmine” is Kim Kardashian

Looks like Kim enjoyed being Jasmine for Halloween in 2009! The reality star was outted by the NY Post for using the alias “Princess Jasmine.”


Brad Pitt and Angleina Jolie

(Photo: Getty Images)

4. “Bruce and Jasmine Pilaf” is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Apparently, Brad and Angie see themselves more as a Mr. and Mrs. Pilaf than a Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The gorgeous couple has been reported to take on this alias, but as to why? We have no idea…


Elton John at the Tribeca Film Festival

(Photo: Getty Images)

3. “Sir Humphrey Handbag” is Elton John

Although we’d think he’d rather be ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ than “Sir Humphrey Handbag,” we’ll still accept Elton’s alias as it truly does seem to be randomly appropriate!


Justin Bieber

(Photo: Getty Images)

2. “Chandler Bing” is Justin Bieber

Obviously the Biebs is a “Friends” fan! Justin seems to be taking on this alias according to Matthew Perry himself, who revealed the teens alter self on “The Ellen Show.”


Jennifer Aniston

(Photo: Getty Images)

1. “Mrs. Smith” is  Jennifer Aniston 

We’ve got to give it to Jenn on this one–‘Mrs. Smith’ is by far the best alias to blend in to the masses!