What NOT To Wear On A First Date [LIST]

December 26, 2011 6:10 am

For girls, getting ready for a first date is just as nerve wracking as having an interview with the CEO of a huge company- think sweaty palms, a butterfly exhibit in the pit of your stomach, and huge insecurities…especially about what to wear. In order to ease your pre-date jitters, we’ve compiled a list of the types of clothing and outfits you should avoid when you’re heading out to meet a new man. But remember, it doesn’t matter what you wear, just as long as your awesome personality is shining through!

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This trend seems to be taking the fashion scene by storm and yes they might be cute and girly, but are a big no-no for a first date. Here’s why: Guys are very simple minded creatures (please don’t tell me you didn’t already know that?) and thus, they appreciate when the things they look at are simple, too. Ruffles are overwhelming and can appear juvenile, and might take the focus away from your awesomely funny stories and charming laugh.

Overly Obvious Brand Names
If the guy you’re seeing is like most guys, they’re pretty frugal and indifferent to brand names. Your giant Chanel bag won’t impress him, and might make him think you’re materialistic. Ditch the designer duds and opt for something simple and cute. You want his focus to be on you, not your purse!

Bold Prints
On a first date, it’s important to leave a good impression, right? You want your guy to walk away from the date thinking, “Gosh, she was gorgeous and so funny!” not “Her neon striped shirt with polka dots was really bright!” In order to accentuate your face and personality, save the bold prints for a later date. For a first date, try to wear something flattering and simple so he pays attention to your gorgeous eyes, not your crazy shirt!

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Big Sunglasses
If there is one trend that guys don’t understand, it’s the oversized sunglasses look. Us girls can totally understand why they’re so glam, but for a guy oversized frames are just excessive. They want to see your face, not guess what it looks like behind three-inch tinted lenses.

Sky High Heels
Those Steve Madden five-inch heels that you bought last weekend are super hot, but not good for a first date. Even though they make your legs look a mile long, your pained wobbling will detract from the sexiness of the shoes. Impress your guy in comfy heels or flats, and walk with the confident swagger we know you have!

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Graphic T’s
Never wear a t-shirt with the image of your current crush or the latest teen heart throb. Yes, we know you are the world’s biggest Bieber fan, but we’re confident that your date WON’T want to look at the face of a hunk on your chest all night!

Plunging V-Necks
Your cleavage may be divine, but leave a little to the imagination, honey. If you have it all out there on the first date, it’s like watching the final scene of a movie before the title even comes up!

Impress your date by staying cool and comfy when it comes to your clothing and always remember to be confident! A confident woman can make the most hideous outfit seem super hot. Have a killer first date!