The Most Searched Musician Of 2011 Was Justin Bieber [AUDIO]

December 27, 2011 12:01 am

There was so much good music this year, my iPod is just about full with all the music I added in 2011. So, which artists did you guys find the most fascinating? sent over the most searched musicians online since January and I’ve got the top 5 for you.

The 5 Most Interesting Celebrity Aliases

At #5 – the always fascinating Lady Gaga. Coming in at #4 – A pop star who hit 30 this year, Britney Spears. Your #3 – the always beautiful Jennifer Lopez. The #2 most searched was a girl with a ton of hits this year, Katy Perry. And at #1, he was also the most searched celeb overall, Justin Bieber.

10 Most Searched People of 2011 — Justin Bieber Bumps Kim Kardashian

Here’s to a 2012 with a ton of great music from these guys and some artists you don’t even know about yet!

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